Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waqas Ehsan Graphic Designer

Tell something about yourself.
I am very careful and helpful person.

How did your interest start in graphic designing?

I was becoming calcar to make graphix designer.

Who inspired you in the beginning?

My teacher inspired and other people.

Who you worked with?

Many people worked with me before.

How you see this work nowadays: popular or not?

This work nowadays is  more competition and very popular.

What are your future plans?

My future plan is ... i want to be a great graphics designer

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Waqas Ehsan

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Interview with Arslan Qureshi Young Actor and Model

Arslan Qureshi
- My name is Arslan Qureshi i am student of 2nd year and now i am interested in modeling and also in acting i am only 20 years old and handsome and my nick name is ARSIL my friends call me from that name. I love dogs cats and pets :) 

- How did you get interested in modelling and acting?
- I am interested in modeling from about 4 years but now my age to do modeling and acting.

- What inspired you to start?
- I was inspired from my uncle he is also artist he had done 4 or 5 serials with the hum TV and PTV home.

- What problems did you face to achieve your career?
- Some financial problems i face to achieve in my career.

- Who have you worked with?
- Me worked with JAKS and now i want to work with AKASH media group and i also worked with Mudasir Iqbal.

- What are results of your achievements?
- I got good results i have done 5 to 6 fashion shows and everybody like my work many peoples want that i can do work with them.

- How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult or Easy?
- Hmm nowadays in this field i can see that difficult work because easy work can do every one the work which was difficult only do those have confidence and guts to do that work.

- What are your plans for the future?
- My plans of future to do ramp and do some serials plays and work with some channels and want to be a famous model of the world and a good actor. .. i wish you the best: make your dreams true, or at least be succesful in your occupation and your personal life.

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Interview with Justin George Fine Artist, Designer and Photographer

Justin George
- I met a amateur young talented artist, with a wide horizon. He is a big talent of this field, and his mulitalent will help him in dealing with the problems, wich he will face while building his career. Justin please introduce yourself for my readers:

- I am a fine arts(applied art) student and working as an illustrator, designer and photographer. I love nature, photography, travelling, music… and more often I am a perfectionist.

- What inspired you to get into art and photography?

Justin George: - Simply the strong love towards colours, strokes, light and shadow… how beautifully they can create a mood, a story and some times the perfect use of them can freeze the time too. I believe that they are my perfect companions to express myself more often.

- Who inspired you in start?

Justin George: - Mainly my parents and my father is from a traditional artists’ family so they encouraged and inspired me a lot to get into this field. - It’s wonderful, that your family can support you, and you have the opportunity to get experience from them.

- What problems did you face to achieve your career?

Justin George: - I knew this was the right career but I was really confused to choose the right course after my secondary school level because there’re many courses related with art and designing and I was interested to do most of them. So I did a diploma course in graphic designing, 2D & 3D animation. Now I am doing Fine arts in applied art and completed Bachelors degree. the fact that you are very openminded is amazig!
- Who have you worked with?

Justin George: - After completing my first level designing studies I’d got a nice opportunity to work with ‘Pencil Jam’ one of the famous illustration and designing studio in Bangalore, India. There I could study more about contemporary, traditional designing and illustration techniques. After that I ‘d worked in Music of Rain designs with Abhilash Sivadas an artist and a designer who helped me a lot to study more about branding and web designing.

What is the most improtant goal, you want to achieve?

Justin George: - I believe that I am slowly developing a particular style in illustration and photography. To do it perfectly I am trying to learn more about other artists and how they made their work different from others but never like to follow them. - Lots of work needed to build a carrier and become famous, wich contains hard moments also...

- How do you see the work nowadays in your field, popular or not?

Justin George: - It’s popular but most of the people are following a particular style and it’s too difficult for them to think differently and use new styles and techniques. Sometimes this attitude prevent the designers or artists to develop and present new ideas. In most of the companies designers are working like slaves without creative freedom. There are clever designers who create designs with the help of templates and claim they are made by themselves. It’s always necessary to use new styles and techniques to stand alone and to be different in this field. - i totally agree with you, its fantastic to hear someone in such a young age talking this wisely

- You must have a lot of plans in the future, please tell us about them.

Justin George: - I would like to known as a world famous illustrator, designer and photographer and I firmly believe that I can achieve it through hard work and observation. I am also planning to publish illustration books for children which help them to study the subjects easily and create love towards the nature. An exhibition of my paintings various places across India and outside also is there in my mind. - Oh, these are wonderful plans, i wish you the best: make your dreams true, or at least be succesful in your occupation and your personal life.

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mobile: +91 9048475279

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