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Interview with Moamen Art Calligrapher

Claimed believer certified Abdul Aziz al-Tai of the Republic of Iraq Nineveh province, born in 1990. Grew up in a family of middle-income living, I finished my elementary and middle joined the Institute of Fine Arts in 2005-2006 and I had the incentive great entry to develop and refine my talent art I finished my studies at the Institute was my wish to complete my education But circumstances did not allow me and invited me to work and could not be boiled out of what I aspire to him in time ..

What inspired you to get into art and calligraphy?
I had a great desire to practice this ancient art, especially as influenced by watching him through a lot of paintings and works of art for the top calligraphers Mmahvzna much to practice this ancient art.

Who inspired you in start?
As I mentioned previously is watching the works of art and add boiled it at the time I was watching a program the art of Arabic calligraphy by the artist and calligrapher great form Khudair fallow Said, and other who have a footprint and a long tradition in this area ...
In addition, this type of art is one of the features of Islamic civilization is considered part of the heritage that distinguishes it from other civilizations Middle

What are the problems that you encounter in achieving your career?
Of the problems that I faced and still I am having so this moment, which is considered an obstacle to the development of my talent and work is the lack of encouragement of physical, moral and material impoverishment and lack of time and full-time to practice and train hard in the line which Iverdhana and led me to work in a profession other far completely my area so as to help me to form If my family and myself, as I mentioned earlier they are middle-income countries in addition to not give attention to this area and ambulatory view of the unstable Alzha witnessed in the country, which led to shortcomings in the containment and rally around the young talent ...

What are your achievements?

- Holds a certificate of appreciation from the Chairman of Artists Association / Nineveh Professor Taha Yassin enacted at the session of Arabic calligraphy in 2007.
- Holds a certificate of appreciation from Mr. Mohammad Jawad al-Moussawi Director-General to prepare teachers in the competition the first line of the Quranic text and decoration in 2011.
-  Holds a certificate of appreciation from the Cultural House in 2011.
-  Member of the calligraphers Iraqis.

Posts and business:
-  Participated in many exhibitions monthly and annual hosted by the Institute of Fine Arts through my studies at the Institute.
- Participated in the Exhibition Gardens Arabic fonts, which was held at the Directorate of Education of Nineveh, I got a shield and a certificate of appreciation from the Director of Education of Nineveh.
- Participation display (graduation project) at the Hall of Mosaic at the Institute of Fine Arts.
-  The work of a joint exhibition with one of my colleagues at the Institute b (40) panel line and decoration of the hall and drawing mosaic at the Institute of Fine Arts.
- Worked as a personal exhibition in the Cultural House B (30) panel line and decoration.
-  The work of a joint exhibition with one of the calligraphers, which was held at the Hall of the Engineers Association / Cultural House under the auspices of Nineveh.
-  The line of many of the names of graduate students at the masters attic.
- Line interface and one city of Mosul, mosques (mosque burned).
- I attended and participated some seminars, conferences, technical and scientific fields.

How do you work for the time being popular in your field or not?
I have no idea at work popular or not, because I do not work Bochtsasi but I work outside the scope of work of art or outside my purview, but from my point of view, I see art in general and Arabic calligraphy in particular, has become second-class, especially after the evolution and the emergence of new technology which have affected and in become so great alternative to the artist himself and do business as soon as possible and less time in Iraq, especially the artist or artists became marginalized and Omahromen of basic rights such as special places for the exercise of their art, not even any salary or bonus incentive for them ....

What are your future plans?
Frankly, in Iraq does not have anyone who plans for the future is unaware Mainzerh in the future because our government does not support anyone who plans Mstaqbilh or does not have our Ministry of Planning you draw plans for the future of the individual in Alehiath!! As the Iraqi citizens in general live on the strength daily and without this necessity would have been to this area Art wider area in the country and not these circumstances, appeared on the art scene great talents, however, I and most of the young talent to not lose a glimmer of hope, for me, always became the hope that one day I find it my chance to revive this beautiful art upscale and I'm from with me from the existing talent in the country.

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Interview with Mohsin Chohan Journalist and Photographer

My name is Mohsin Chohan, currently i am doing M Phil's  in communication studies, by profession i am a journalist, my hobbies are to play football and photography.

What inspired you to get into photography?
Beauty of the nature and landscape inspired me to get into photography, and as i can keep all the moment and places in front of me all the time, so i make some click of favorite  place and  moments so that i can get back to those places and moments whenever i feel like, my photography helps me in this regard..

Who inspired you in start?
My imaginations was my inspiration for my photography.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
In general if i say, financial issues are always there with everyone, to be a professional photography one need a professional camera, till yet all of my photography is from my mobile camera or Sony cyber shot..! Insha Allah in the coming days i will overcome to this problem.

Who have you worked with?
Being a journalist i have been working with Pakistan Television, Ary one World, Amnesty International, Rafi peer group, Unity Advertising, Synergy advertising.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field, popular or not?
Now a day work in our field is very much popular, important thing is if you get some..! 

What are your plans for the future?
Well i have plan to join any of the forces of my country as an public relation Officer, I am very hopeful and soon Insha Allah i will be a part of one of the forces of my country.

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Interview with Syed Shariq Taj Freelance Photographer

I'm Syed Shariq Taj, a.k.a Shah Sahab, I'm from Karachi, Pakistan... i'm a freelance Photographer... I’m very friendly, soft hearted person and try to be happy all the time. I like true peoples.

What inspired you to get into photography ?
I really like all forms of photography. Lately my interests are Travel, Portrait, Spirit, Astrophotography, Photo Essay, Landscape. I'd love to study underwater and microscopic photography someday. There are many answers to this question. You can say that I have a very weak memory. Hence if I will not take the photographs then you will not have any past. Hence photography is important to remember the past. You should know that this is not just your problem. It is the problem of almost all the people and that is why photography is quite important. The most important quality to be a good photographer is to be passionate and involved about what you photograph, to want your image to have an impact either on yourself or on others. If you just shoot things with no creativity or care you may produce a good photograph but its artistic value will always be less than someone who considers what they are doing, why, and cares. I was once asked what creativity is, my response was- an expression of the soul. To lay ones soul bear to others and say 'this is what I'm about and what I do, what I want you to see of me and my abilities' takes great courage and is a very noble and worthy/wothwhile precept.

Who inspired you in start?
It was from my father.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I had to face many problems in the building my career in the field of Photography.
Haha... When u worked for a Client and he/she don’t make a payment on time. I hate to asking money from them seriously, even i have right to ask but I hate it.

Who have you worked with?
With my dad

What are results of your achievements?
Result of my work is pretty well, because i love to be a photographer and editor so in my point of view when we start work with full concentration so we always get cool results ..

What are your plans for the future?
Insha'Allah i will open my own studio, and work with maximum people those like my work, and I will work for film and magazine in Pakistan.




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