Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jawad Waheed a great experienced Graphic Designer and Photographer

- I met a young talented a Graphic Designer and Photographer, Jawad Waheed, owner of SHARP SHOOTER. He is a big talent of his field, and his multitalent will help him in dealing with the problems, wich he will face while building his career. Jawad please give me a brief introduction of you for my readers:

Jawad : - My name is Jawad Waheed. I am 37 years old & I am married I have 2 kids (my sweet daughter Eshal Fatima 4yrs & 8 months & my son Muhammad Ahmed ) I am human loving person ... friendly but I also love nature. I was a student of Electronics in Govt. college of technology, I started my career in graphic designing in the year 2000.  Photoshop is an interesting software which pop me towards it and I keep on practicing by myself & later start a part time job at a photo lab.

- Whose work has influenced you most?

Jawad : - My first inspiration was from Khawar Riaz. One day Khawar Riaz took me from the photo lab & there I got a chance to get into the field photography. 

- Who have you worked with?

Jawad : - . I have spent most of the time working with Khawar Riaz. After I workwed with Guddu & Shani 360 degree & after that I worked with few more photographers & then I started my own studio in 2011.

- What problems did you face in achieving  your career?

Jawad : - I had to face alot of problems but I learned from my guardian father since my childhood how to make my way in any field so it helped me on many places, in short I would say instead of giving lame excuses to myself I have taught myself ... JUST DO IT

- What kind of work do you do related to Photography?

Jawad : - Because I have experience in  Graphic Designing and also photography ....so I combine both arts and make wedding digital albums with new layout style which  is really very appreciated & my photography was also appreciated due to my special photo retouching. In short I am just an ordinary photographer with some extra ordinary skills but it is due to my teachers & my parents & I respect them all.

- How do see photography nowadays?

Jawad : - Photography is being tough by the time ..... on one end, we have SLR camera ranges which make photography easy. On other end we have Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom, that gives you a vast field and  great illusions, which drives the world of fashion towards a new way, which I really enjoy while working .... I love my work, even though I don't have any certificates but I really don't need them, people  admire my work the way I work. - What your achieved represents, that hardworking always brings succes.

You went far lately, you must have a lot of plans in the future, please tell us about them.

Jawad : - I want to practice more & study more about Photoshop & Photography because after all these years I still feel I am still on A B C of it ..... i wish you the best: make your dreams true, or at least be succesful in your occupation and your personal life.

Thank you.

+92 0300 4282422
+92 0322 4282422

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sharpshooter786

E-mail: waheedjawad@gmail.com

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