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Interview with Arsalz Rash Great Photographer

My Complete name is Arsalan Rasheek, but my Alise is 'Arsalz'
I live my life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity. Independent and stubborn, I rarely stray from my vision - no matter what it is. I am an excellent listener with almost infinite patience. I have complex feelings, and I take great care to express them. In love, I see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow. I enjoy relationships when they are improving and changing. I can't stand stagnation. At work, I stay motivated and happy... as long as I am working toward a dream I support. 

What inspired you to get into photography?
I really like all forms of photography. Lately my interests are Travel, Portrait, Spirit, Astrophotography, Photo Essay, Landscape. I'd love to study underwater and microscopic photography someday. There are many answers to this question. You can say that I have a very weak memory. Hence if I will not take the photographs then you will not have any past. Hence photography is important to remember the past. You should know that this is not just your problem. It is the problem of almost all the people and that is why photography is quite important. The most important quality to be a good photographer is to be passionate and involved about what you photograph, to want your image to have an impact either on yourself or on others. If you just shoot things with no creativity or care you may produce a good photograph but its artistic value will always be less than someone who considers what they are doing, why, and cares. I was once asked what creativity is, my response was- an expression of the soul. To lay ones soul bear to others and say 'this is what I'm about and what I do, what I want you to see of me and my abilities' takes great courage and is a very noble and worthy/wothwhile precept.

Who inspired you in start?
You should know that if any person is doing something since his childhood then he will definitely be encouraged. Hence the perfect answer to this question is that you have interest in this profession ever since you were twelve years old. A guy of 12 years dosent need any inspiration to adoped a proffession, maybe there are many of professionals adopt but i wasn't one of them.

Which problems did you face to achieve your career?
Years of shooting to develop my eye and style.
The vocabulary of agencies and working with clients. The terminology of business. Professional photography is a business; It can not be 90/10 creativity, or 90/10 business, it must be a balance. Reading and study of client projects and future requirements. Reading web site for new equipment and software. Would not change much. Wish I had money sooner to put into business. Started with my first SLR at age 12. Advertising photography can earn a good living. However it costs a lot to build up the needed equipment and facilities to becompetitivee and serve the requirements of the projects you are working on. Studio advertising can generate 50-200-? if done well over the years. I do advertising. Not sports, news, nature, etc. Very defined and selected work will position yourself with clients. Major point is, you don't look at money until money starts looking at you. You become a fashion photographer, as I said, only if you feel that's what you'd really love to do, period. Photography is an art. I am quite sure that you too must have taken the photo from the mobile or camera once in your life. However with the inclusion of camera in mobile the craze for photography has definitely increased. Now the people are definitely busy in taking the photographs every now and then. But the professional photography is one thing that is quite important. If you want to become a professional photographer then you are required to be creative.

Who have you worked with?
I am a freelance photographer based in Islamabad, Pakistan. As well as the usual weddings and portrait stuff i like to stretch my artistic muscles in the studio and on location. I have a qualified make-up artist on my team. I love shooting with models and working with each to find their particular special qualities and bring them to the fore in the images. I am also very interested in shooting 2 or more models at local locations. 

What is your opinion about Pakistani and western trends?
Pakistani fashion trends leaves behind all the trends because of the variety of creations in Pakistani fashion. Pakistani fashion now includes a touch of western outfit although the colour spectrum that Pakistani trend follows is way different from the western trends because of the variety of seasons and customs. Obviously our weddings and family dinners are done in a different manner than what they do so the clothes we wear for our formal, semi-formal and casual occasions are different from theirs but a beautiful fusion of western trend in out Pakistani fashion is now seen which makes our collection of designer outfits more innovative and interesting. Women in Pakistan have always been more enthusiastic when it comes to embellishing their outfits, Pakistani wedding wears are the most beautiful pieces ever seen in any fashion trend for brides. Street fashion trends in Pakistan are also very innovative now; it’s interesting how people have started taking interest in the fashion trends and come up with the innovations which marks individuality in the fashion trend for everyone.

How you see this work nowadays: popular or not?
Yes, There are two kinds of fashion photographers, the one who is best in studio pictures, the one who is best outdoors. Outdoors photographers will spend most of their time on location, scouting for the best spot to take their next shot. Studio photographers spend most of their time either working or experimenting with different lighting set-ups in studio. Beyond the stereotyped image we get from the movies, however, the job of a fashion photographer is as hard and demanding as any other job, and I strongly suggest seeking this career only if you have a true passion for images and visual arts in general. To become a working fashion photographer, at some point you need to show a client (usually a magazine, in the beginning) enough test pictures (fashion pictures with models that you took on your own) that they'll trust you can deliver what they need. To learn how to take those pictures –- to learn the trade, that is -- there are plenty of schools around, but I strongly suggest becoming a working photographer's assistant instead. That's how you learn the hands-on, daily routine that a school will only be able to ”describe” to you, at best.

What are your plans for the future?
My plans is to do pictures that touch people. My photos must cater to anybody and must not be confined to particular section of society alone. I want my photographs to be emotional in content. My long-term plan is to concentrate on landscape and nature. I admire phtographers like Ansel Adams and Eric Meola. I wish to emulate then.   

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