Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with Syed Shariq Taj Freelance Photographer

I'm Syed Shariq Taj, a.k.a Shah Sahab, I'm from Karachi, Pakistan... i'm a freelance Photographer... I’m very friendly, soft hearted person and try to be happy all the time. I like true peoples.

What inspired you to get into photography ?
I really like all forms of photography. Lately my interests are Travel, Portrait, Spirit, Astrophotography, Photo Essay, Landscape. I'd love to study underwater and microscopic photography someday. There are many answers to this question. You can say that I have a very weak memory. Hence if I will not take the photographs then you will not have any past. Hence photography is important to remember the past. You should know that this is not just your problem. It is the problem of almost all the people and that is why photography is quite important. The most important quality to be a good photographer is to be passionate and involved about what you photograph, to want your image to have an impact either on yourself or on others. If you just shoot things with no creativity or care you may produce a good photograph but its artistic value will always be less than someone who considers what they are doing, why, and cares. I was once asked what creativity is, my response was- an expression of the soul. To lay ones soul bear to others and say 'this is what I'm about and what I do, what I want you to see of me and my abilities' takes great courage and is a very noble and worthy/wothwhile precept.

Who inspired you in start?
It was from my father.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I had to face many problems in the building my career in the field of Photography.
Haha... When u worked for a Client and he/she don’t make a payment on time. I hate to asking money from them seriously, even i have right to ask but I hate it.

Who have you worked with?
With my dad

What are results of your achievements?
Result of my work is pretty well, because i love to be a photographer and editor so in my point of view when we start work with full concentration so we always get cool results ..

What are your plans for the future?
Insha'Allah i will open my own studio, and work with maximum people those like my work, and I will work for film and magazine in Pakistan.




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