Friday, August 10, 2012

Interview with Muhammad Farhan Munir Photographer and Graphic Designer

My name is Muhammad Farhan Munir I am student doing i.c.s from Punjab group of college. I am very friendly, loyal, caring, honest and sincere person. I don't know how to cheat and deceive ...

What inspired you to get into photography and graphic designing?
Basically I am an artist from childhood, and I also viewing the works some well know photographers from Pakistan and around the world like, Mr Uzair BIN ZAfar from Pakistan Ayesha Iftkhar Xyara photographer from Pakistan and Zeeshan photographer, i saw their works and was totally inspired.

Who inspired you in start?
My family support me to start this work,specially my best friend Zain shah he always supported me, in every major work, but i love to be a photography and graphic design.

What problems did you face to achieve your career?
I begin with a problem, but many support my family,my family knows how i am crazy about photography and graphics designing, I do everything by heart, I believe that life is a time to always look good regardless.

Who have you worked with?
My own photography studio in Lahore, I have worked for them.And Pakistan in particular to say to me at weddings, my work is satisfactory.

What are results of your achievements?
My work is a new touch, I will always try something new, People like my work, I am always with my cam, which is something I feel pretty safe in at least cam her,,,I say, no one would have done no good, as long as it does not cover the grace of God.

How do you see the work nowadays in your field, popular or not?
Photography is very popular in go away, it is fashionable to be posed,, I thinks its always popular.

What are your plans for the future?
Insha Allah i will open my own studio in Pakistan, and work with maximum people those like my work, and I will work for film and magazine in Pakistan.

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